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You’re in luck if you’re looking for trustworthy, qualified, fully insured tree surgeons in Worthing West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or across the southeast. 

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s experienced team of friendly tree surgeons are all NPTC or LANTRA trained, and for total peace of mind, we hold £10 million public and £10 employers liability cover. 

We have an excellent track record providing a vast and varied range of superior tree surgeon services to residential and commercial clients throughout Worthing and its surrounding towns and villages. 

A qualified tree surgeon pruning a tree in Worthing

From tree felling in Ferring to tree planting in Lancing, hedge trimming in Angmering, to stump removal in Littlehampton, our staff have the skill and expertise to complete your project on time and within budget. 

For Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, the quality of our work and the safety of our staff is paramount; we carry out all work using the British Standard guidelines for tree work (BS3998:2010) while adhering to strict health and safety protocols.

As CHAS, Alcumus SafeContractor and QMS ISO9001 & ISO14001 approved contractors, we are committed to the continual improvement of our company and invest heavily in the latest accreditations, tools and training for our workforce. 

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd has a positive online presence with numerous reviews across multiple platforms such as Google Business, Yell and Rated Peopleto name just a few.



A tree surgeon wood chipper processing a tree in Worthing

Do you want a tree felling in Worthing or our comprehensive Worthing tree removal service? At Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, we use the latest sectional and straight-felling methods to remove unwanted trees safely with the least disruption possible.


Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd offers professional tree pruning and crown reductions in Worthing using the British Standard guidelines for tree work (BS3998) specifications. Tree pruning is a sensitive task that you must complete correctly to help ensure the tree’s longevity.

Our skilled tree surgeons have acquired numerous pruning techniques over many years within the arboricultural industry. We will commonly utilise a combination of complimentary tree pruning methods to help you achieve your desired result. For example, we often combine a crown reduction with a crown thin and a crown raise.

When pruning, it is a general industry rule to avoid removing more than 30% of the crown. Removing over 30% could harm the tree’s health and jeopardise its safety. Over-pruning or poor pruning, for example, topping, upsets the tree’s natural structure and often results in rapid re-growth. 

Below we will highlight and describe some of the pruning methods we most commonly use and identify some bad practices you should avoid. 


A crown reduction in Worthing would reduce the total crown volume while sustaining the original shape for tree species. The quintessential criteria for a superior crown reduction are:

• The pruning cuts must follow a logical flowing branch line.

• Cuts must be made at growth points to limit the wound’s decay and minimise re-growth from latent buds surrounding the cut.

• The retained lateral limb should be a third of the size of the limb removed; this should ensure there is sufficient foliage to maintain the trees’ energy requirements. Following this rule will encourage the surviving branch to grow consistently, suppressing any accelerated re-growth.


The procedure of tree pollarding in Worthing is the most rigorous tree pruning method, and you should ideally start this procedure when the tree is in its infancy. The solution to a healthy pollard is to remove any re-growth routinely, for example, every two to four years, depending on the tree species. Regular maintenance on a pollarded tree is vital as the re-growth will result in weak forks/attachment points (unions), which means that there will be an increase in the risk of failure if left.

Many see tree pollarding as extreme and unnecessary, but there can be many good reasons for choosing this pruning method. We generally utilise pollarding to maintain the tree at a consistent size, but there are also many other advantages that we will outline below:

  • Decrease the shade cast by the tree
  • Improves air circulation within the tree, consequently reducing the opportunity for a sail effect
  • Contours the tree for aesthetics 
  • It can restrict the tree from contacting or damaging power lines, telephone lines or street furniture.


Crown raising or crown lifting in Worthing involves removing the lower branches to a defined height, most commonly calculated from the ground. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd often use crown raising to allow more light to an area or permit pedestrians/vehicles to pass more freely under the tree.


Crown thinning in Worthing decreases the crown’s density without reducing its overall size. Crown thinning involves removing secondary growth to promote a more healthy and consistent spread of foliage. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd generally only thin the crowns of broadleaved trees instead of evergreens. 

Some benefits of crown-thinning broadleaf trees:

  • Improvement of the tree’s aesthetic look and overall structure
  • Reduction in crown weight and density; results in decreased wind resistance and risk of a sail effect
  • Increase in the amount of light able to pass through the tree’s crown  


When cleaning a tree crown or dead wooding in Worthing, our local tree surgeons carefully remove any dead, dying, crossing, diseased or dangerous limbs. We can also remove epicormic growth, climbing plants (such as Ivy), and foreign objects. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd carry our crown cleaning and dead wooding for safety and aesthetics. 


Topping’ is a harmful pruning practice that is detrimental to the health and may jeopardise the safety of the tree. If you top a tree beyond growth points, it will stimulate decay and disease while also creating an imbalance in the tree’s energy system.

If the shock of topping a tree in Worthing doesn’t kill it completely, the act of topping will cause it to produce epicormic growth or excessive shoots from the location of the cuts. The shoots increase to replace the lost foliage, and they will rapidly develop into branches that reach out far beyond the distance of the initial crown. The increased re-growth of branches negates the aim of reducing the crown size or span. Furthermore, the flawed pruning method of topping will promote pockets of decay that may deepen and leave the tree vulnerable to disease.


Tree Stumps are not only very unsightly but also pose a natural trip hazard. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd provide a professional and insured stump grinding service utilising state-of-the-art, heavy-duty equipment that will make light work of the task while minimising the risk of damage to your lawn.


The three most common causes of tree failure are poor maintenance, storms and bad weather. They can bring down even the most enormous trees, resulting in damage to surrounding buildings and property or blocking vital access. If a fallen tree is causing you issues, don’t despair; call Foremans Tree Specialist Ltd, and we’ll do everything we can to make the situation safe and clear the tree ASAP. Our team of emergency tree surgeons are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


If well-maintained, creeper and Ivy can be an impressive feature to your home, but please beware if left unmanaged; they may cause significant damage. Render, brickwork, and woodwork can all be affected, and you could end up footing the bill. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd provides professional creeper, climber and ivy removal and maintenance solutions for clients in Worthing and its surrounding towns and villages.


Are your hedges in need of a cut or trim? Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have the experience and tools to tackle any sized hedge, large or small. Our team of friendly tree surgeons can shape, tidy and manicure them to your exact specifications; whether you have box hedges, conifers, or hedgerows, contact us today, and we’ll get your hedges looking great once again.


Are you contemplating planting a new tree in your garden or relocating an existing one? We have planted countless trees throughout Worthing and have extensive expertise in the best aftercare practices. At Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, we can source superior specimens, suggest the most appropriate planting locations, and we will even plant them in the ground on your behalf. The relocation of an existing tree could also be possible, but the roots must be unestablished and young.

If you would like to hire us for any of the tree surgeon services mentioned above or would like to discuss anything further, please feel free to Contact Us today, and we’ll gladly help in any way we can.


For knowledgeable and fully insured landscape gardeners in Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and South East England-wide, we advise contacting our professional landscapers at Surrey Landscape Gardeners.

This highly proficient team of experienced landscaping professionals have the skills to provide a broad range of garden landscaping services, including concrete bases, fencing, driveway landscaping, block paving, garden walls, garden steps, patio laying, turfing, garden pond construction, tarmacking, paths, brickwork, decking, concreting, artificial grass, and shed pergola and gazebo installation.

Contact the Surrey Landscape Gardeners team today to discuss your project and arrange a formally written, no-obligation quotation valid for 30 days.


If you require fully qualified and insured local tree surgeons in Surrey, we recommend you contact our friendly, Surrey-based subsidiary Guildford Tree Surgeons. You can send them a message via their contact page or call them on 01483 910361.



You’ll probably have noticed there are a vast number of tree surgeons operating in Worthing, West Sussex, and across the southeast. With an ever-increasing number of companies to choose from, you may find separating genuine professionals from cowboys and rogue traders a lot more complicated.

Luckily for you, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have put together this helpful article to assist you in finding a suitable and professional tree surgeon and bypass the stress, burden and financial impact of choosing a rogue tree contractor.



It may appear pretty apparent, but there is no reason to waste time investigating a company or planning a quotation if the tree surgery company in question doesn’t service the area you require the work to complete.

If you’re using a search engine such as Yahoo, Bing or Google, the most effective way to find a tree contractor who services your desired location is to search “tree surgeon” followed by the location, i.e. “Worthing” so “tree surgeon worthing” or “tree surgery worthing”.

Occasionally you will find when searching a larger area search engines may display contractors who are pretty far away from your location, which may lead to an increase in the price, or they may not operate in your exact location. We always suggest searching as precisely as possible; for example, you could try tree surgeon Chichester or tree surgeon Petworth. 

Another problem you may encounter is when searching “tree surgeon” followed by “a location”, the search engine may display local tree surgeons who service your location yet do not provide the service you require. To avoid this issue, you should alternatively search using the service you need and the area you require it in. For example, you would search for “tree removal Worthing“, “tree pruning Worthing“, “hedge cutting Worthing“, or “site clearance in Worthing“.

Suppose you already have a tree surgery company in mind. We suggest heading directly to the tree company’s website in this situation. If they don’t display the relevant information on the home page, look for a “services” or “areas covered” page. Alternatively, you could get in contact with them using the contact form



For most, asking the contractor if they can prove they’re qualified to complete the work they’ve just claimed they can do may be awkward. But don’t fret; any honest tree surgeon should be more than willing to show proof of their qualifications if requested to do so. If the contractor you’re dealing with is reluctant or fails to provide the documentation you require, you should gracefully decline their services and search for another contractor. 

It’s essential to verify staff have undergone sufficient training and holds qualifications to carry out the tasks they are going to undertake. Drafting unqualified or untrained contractors could lead to damage to your trees/ property or risk injury to the public or contractors themselves.


The two main training providers are NPTC and LANTRA, and as a bare minimum, your selected tree surgeon should have the following qualifications:

  •  NPTC units 201/202/203 – Chainsaw Maitainence & Crosscutting / Felling Small Trees (formerly CS30 & CS31)
  • NPTC units 206/306 – Aerial Rescue Operations and Tree-climbing course (Formerly CS38)
  • NPTC unit 308 – Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw using Free-fall Techniques (formerly CS39)
  • EFAW – Emergency First Aid At Work 

There are, of course, a lot more qualifications tree surgeons can obtain. In general, the more certificates they possess, the more dedicated they will be to maintaining and developing high standards of work. To test your contractor’s knowledge, you should ask if they will carry out the work following BS3998:2010 – British Standard guidelines for tree work. Reputable tree surgeons will work within these guidelines to ensure the longevity and ongoing health of your trees, hedges and shrubs.



As tree surgery is inherently dangerous, having suitable insurance and adequate coverage is essential. Your chosen tree surgery company should have a minimum of £10 million employers and public liability insurance

Be sure to check for proof of insurance by getting them to provide you with a certificate or if you’re in doubt, get their insurer’s details and call them to check its legality. Some more shady contractors may use fraudulent documents or cancel their cover once they obtain a certificate. 

If you fail to ensure your chosen contractor has adequate insurance, you may end up footing the bill for any damages or repairs should an accident occur.



Almost every tree contractor you encounter will claim to be the most skilled at what they do; this goes for true professionals and, unfortunately, rogue traders. The easiest way to divide the elite from the worst is to request some references or check online for validated reviews. 

These days, accrediting bodies and review aggregation websites are abundant, making checking any company’s track record simpler. If a tree company or any business claims to have no online presence, this is probably for a good reason, and you should continue cautiously. You should always at least do a Google search for the company to see if any reviews or further information is available. Most companies will have a Google Business profile with at least a few testimonials for you to consider. 

In addition to a Google Business profile, most tree specialists will have accounts on websites such as Yell.comRated People and MyBuilder, plus show activity across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

For greater peace of mind, we suggest selecting a contractor who is a member of Checkatrade, Buy With Confidence or Which? Trusted Traders. These organisations act as a review aggregation platform and check for a registered business address, adequate insurance and qualifications. They also verify reviews to confirm if they are genuine, although there are still claims of fake reviews, so you should always examine them and decide whether they are fake. More often than not, if the company is highly rated and reviews read well, you should be safe to continue to the quotation stage. 



Once you’ve gathered a list of fitting tree surgeons, it’s time to get some quotations. Every contractor will provide a free site visit and consultation to identify your project requirements, followed by a formal written quotation. 

Each contractor may suggest different options for achieving your project goals, so this is something to be aware of when you’re comparing quotes, as they might not be like for like. 

You might be inclined to accept the first quote you receive, but we strongly suggest you get at least another couple for reasons of comparison. 



The selection process we’ve discussed may indeed take a little longer than picking a random tree surgeon and going on gut instinct alone. With that said, you’ll have increased peace of mind your chosen tree contractor is qualified, insured and will complete the work to a reasonable standard. 



Oliver Foreman was excellent. He arrived on time every day, was polite and responsive to questions and requests for extra work while on site. He and the men who worked for him cleared away completely before leaving each day. Most importantly, the quality of the tree felling, hedge cutting,  general shrub and stump removal was first class. I cannot recommend Foremans Tree Specialists more highly.

Review from Katherine, GU27

Oliver and his team turned up on time worked hard all day in a small garden taking two 30ft conifers down. Clean tidy and very efficient highly recommend them.

Review from Robin, GU47

Excellent prompt response to my enquiry. Arrived to assess work at the exactly promised time, submitted quote within 24 hours. Work done on mutually agreed date and to our complete satisfaction. Would certainly use Oliver’s services again and can fully recommend them.

Review from Marilyn, GU24

Oliver and his colleague did an outstanding job on the silver birch in my back garden, it now has a good shape to it and now lets a lot more sunlight onto my lawn, which is just what I needed. They also removed the ivy which was slowly choking the tree.

Review from Richard, GU9

Did a fantastic job on my damson tree. Left it with a beautiful round shape and cut back some larger branches in a way that will ensure it will grow back into a lovely shape. Left garden clean and tidy. Nice guys. Will be using again.

Review from Donna, GU14

Super friendly and competent tree surgeon. I Will definitely use him again in future…he even left the garden tidier than when he arrived!

Review from David GU2

We got 3 quotes which were all very similar. We are very pleased with our choice. Most impressed with the work ethic, it was a big job with some very large trees to remove which took 3 days to complete. They were completely undeterred by the torrential rain on the second day, managed to Keep working and the job was finished on time. We will be using them again.

Review from Martin, GU47

Oliver and his team did an excellent job of felling a large leylandii tree from my garden. His price was very competitive, he was quick to answer questions by email, and turned up to do the job promptly. The tree was taken down in sections over two days, all the waste material was removed and the guys did a thorough job of cleaning the site afterwards. Highly recommended.

Review from Robert, TW12, Your Content Goes Here

Really nice guy, would definitely recommend and use again.

Review from Charlie, GU7

Oliver made an excellent job of cutting our tree. He was very knowledgeable and I was very confident he knew what he was doing. I cannot wait to see how the tree responds to this trim in the spring! There were a lot of cuttings to dispose of and he even “hoovered” the lawn afterwards! A very tidy job well priced, and would definitely use him again.

Review from Alison, GU2

Excellent job, very knowledgeable, skilful and helpful. Was prepared to wait for the right season to work, according to the trees we were dealing with. Punctual, tidy & efficient. Would have no hesitation in asking them back for further work and have already recommended to neighbours! Thanks :)

Review from Lesley TW14

All you need, quotes an acceptable price, turns up on time, does a great job and clears up both my garden and my neighbours. Many thanks for a job well done. Will certainly retain your number.

Review from Alex, GU15

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