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Look no further if you’re searching for qualified, insured and local tree surgeons in Crawley, West Sussex. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd is happy to provide our professional Sussex tree surgeon services in Crawley, Midhurst, Chichester, Horsham, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and South East.

A tree surgeon pruning an oak tree in Crawley

We offer a comprehensive range of quality tree surgery services, helping countless satisfied clients complete a vast range of large and small arboricultural projects. From tree pollarding to significant crown reductions, mature tree felling, to tree stump removal, Foremans Tree Specialist has the skill, training and equipment to get the job done on time and within budget. 

All our arborists are LANTRA or  NPTC trained, experienced, and passionate about tree surgery. We genuinely care about preserving and conserving trees, so we always try to balance your requirements with what is best for the environment and the long-term health of your tree. 

As professional arborists, we also understand the implications and dangers of poor pruning practices and substandard tree work. This in-depth understanding of arboriculture drives our high standards, and we complete all projects using BS3998:2010 British Standard guidelines for tree work.

Tree surgery is inherently dangerous, so we take every precaution to protect our staff, the public and your property. Besides having £10 public and £10 employer liability insurance, we also adhere to strict health and safety practices, employing the latest tree surgeon tools and equipment. 

You may or may not be aware that specific trees will be protected by TPOs (tree preservation orders) or located within a conservation area. If either of these is the case, you must be sure to apply to the local planning authority before any work commences. Failure to obtain permission can lead to criminal prosecution and unlimited fines for you and the contractor. 

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd will check all the trees’ status at the point of quotation, and provided we are instructed to complete the work can even apply on your behalf. Our staff have extensive knowledge of the application process and an excellent success rate. We are also happy to submit TPO applications as a standalone process if you already have a contractor you wish to use.

Tree Surgery Crawley, West Sussex

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are an expert team of accomplished tree surgeons and arborists who often work in the Crawley area. We offer diverse tree surgeon services catering to all your arboricultural requirements. Our workforce consists of knowledgeable and fully trained climbers and groundsmen who can safely tackle any tree-related task you throw at them. If you require tree surgery in Crawley, West Sussex, Surrey or across the South-East, contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help in any way we can.  

Tree Removal & Tree Felling Crawley, West Sussex

A skilled tree surgeon removing a silver birch tree in Crawley

Do you have an unwanted, dangerous or dead tree you require felling and removing in Crawley? Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have the expertise and equipment to fell trees of all shapes and sizes in even the most challenging locations. If space allows, the quickest and safest way to fell a tree is to “straight fell” it as a whole. However, there is rarely room for straight felling in built-up areas, so most trees are climbed and felled in sections. Our experienced arborists use a combination of precision cuts and freefall techniques and recognised rigging and lowering systems to dismantle the tree safely and efficiently.

Crown Reductions & Tree Pruning Crawley, West Sussex 

The first stage of any tree pruning service should be an in-depth assessment carried out by a qualified tree surgeon. Our NPTC-trained arborists will make vital considerations for the trees’ size, shape, species, age and health before suggesting any maintenance schedule or tree work. We carry out all our tree pruning operations to the highest standard possible using the “British Standard” guidelines for tree work (BS3998). 

Some of the tree pruning services we offer include:

  • Crown Reduction/s
  • Crown Lifting/Lifts
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Pollarding (see below)
  • Limb Removal
  • Branch Removal

Tree Pollarding Crawley, West Sussex

Pollarding is a drastic tree pruning procedure that involves removing all the upper branches leaving a bare framework. Pollarding is primarily used to suppress growth and the overall size of a tree, but it may also promote new growth and denser foliage. The act of pollarding is so severe you should only pollard healthy trees of certain ages and species. Pollard the wrong tree, and you risk making it unsafe or killing it entirely. The most common species suitable for pollarding include Willow, Ash, Horse Chesnut, London Plane, Sycamore, Maple and Lime. When it comes to the pollarding trees in Crawley, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are incredibly well-versed and knowledgable, with numerous satisfied customers throughout the region. 

Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Crawley, West Sussex 

Removing a tree stump without the proper training and equipment can be extremely challenging and, in some cases, hazardous. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have a range of powerful stump grinders to remove stumps of any size in any location. Our insured tree surgeons also have all the necessary training and experience to safely and efficiently operate these potentially hazardous machines, minimising the risk of damage and disruption to your day. Once we’ve ground out the stump, we use tree stump grindings to backfill the hole making the area safe, tidy and ready for whatever you plan next. 

Emergency Tree Work/Emergency Tree Surgeon Crawley, West Sussex

If you have an emergency tree situation, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are here to help! From fallen trees in Crawley to dangerous hanging branches in Billingshurst, our experienced tree surgeons have the skill and knowledge to address the issue and make the situation safe. Our emergency tree surgeon helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you have a tree emergency, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  01403 333142

Ivy Trimming and Ivy Removal Crawley, West Sussex 

If left to grow wildly, ivy and creeper can become a significant and costly problem. They can damage your property, including the brickwork, render, soffit and window frames, potentially leaving you with a bill of thousands of pounds. We suggest routine pruning to keep your ivy under control or, if required, can offer a complete ivy removal in Crawley and across the South-East. 

Shrub, Hedge and Tree Planting Crawley, West Sussex

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s professional planting service gives your trees, hedges and plants the very best chance of a long, bright and healthy future. In addition to the plants’ physical planting, we can help you select suitable species for your chosen locations, source excellent specimens from our network of local nurseries, and provide priceless free aftercare advice.

Hedge Cutting Crawley, West Sussex

It can take years of practice to perfect the skill of hedge trimming, and some larger hedges may be out of reach for even the most accomplished gardeners. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s well-equipped team of specialist hedge trimmers have years of experience trimming hedges of all shapes, sizes and species. We’ll share with you our in-depth knowledge and offer the best solutions to achieve your desired results. Our tree surgeons can accurately shape and cut hedges to any style, from general hedge height reductions to elaborate ornamental topiary and everything in between.

Surrey Tree Surgeon Services

If you need local tree surgeons in Surrey, please reach out to our Surrey-based subsidiary Guildford Tree Surgeons. You can contact them via their contact page or by calling 01483 910361.

Landscape Gardener Services

For insured  Landscape Gardeners Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex, and South East England-wide, we encourage you to contact our professional, highly trained landscaping specialists at Surrey Landscape Gardeners.

This knowledgeable and experienced team of landscapers have the expertise to deliver an exceptional range of services, such as brickwork, patio laying, turfing, paving, concrete bases, concreting, artificial grass installation, decking, garden walls, fencing, garden pond construction, garden steps, driveway landscaping and tarmacking.

Get in touch with Surrey Landscape Gardeners today to discuss your landscaping project and book a free quotation.

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s guide to finding a reputable, genuine, qualified tree surgeon in Crawley, West Sussex, Horsham, Surrey and Hampshire.

Take a look around, and you’ll instantly notice that Crawley, Horsham, Chichester, Billingshurst, and the whole of West Sussex are home to an abundance of truly magnificent tree specimens. 

From conifer hedging to veteran oak trees and towering pines, we have them all, but regardless of species, if a tree is on your property, you have a duty of care for its health and condition. They mustn’t pose a risk to persons or property, and if proven negligent, you may be liable for damages that may or may not be covered by your home insurance.

The best way to avoid tree-related problems is through suitable routine tree management carried out by an insured and qualified tree surgeon in West Sussex.

Tree surgery is a business with inherently high risks, and if performed incorrectly, it can lead to significant damage to property and persons or even death.

Many people claim to be tree surgeons, but the truth is they’ve had no formal training to carry out the work safely and no insurance to cover them if an accident should occur.

In addition to the risk of damage to property and persons, you must also consider the irreparable damage an unqualified tree surgeon or person may do to your tree. There is much more to tree work than using a chainsaw; a professional tree surgeon or arborist should have a good knowledge of tree biology and understand the impact their work may have.

Poor pruning may cause undesired re-growth and weak unions that may lead to future limb failure, or bad cuts can leave a tree susceptible to all types of pests and diseases and, in the worst cases, die. 

As you can see, it’s ever so important to choose a qualified and insured tree surgeon if you wish to avoid any issues, headaches or problems in the future. 

Needless to say, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s arborists are both qualified and insured, with extensive arboricultural knowledge and a deep understanding of tree biology, ecology and conservation.

Contact us for a free site visit, a no-obligation quotation and expert advice.

Along with an increasing number of genuine tree surgeons forming to satisfy demand, there is also a worrying number of cowboy and rogue tree surgeons seeking to rip off unsuspecting or uneducated victims. 

With that in mind, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have put together this helpful article to assist you in finding the right tree contractor.

What qualifications should a tree surgeon in Crawley, West Sussex, have?

Due to tree work’s dangerous nature, arborists, tree surgeons, and tree contractors require extensive training and qualifications to carry out tree work safely. Most qualifications required to become a professional tree surgeon are compulsory for insurance purposes and comply with HSE/UK health and safety regulations. This ensures they are competent in climbing trees with a rope and harness, using a chainsaw correctly and performing tree work in a controlled and safe manner.

LANTRA & NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) are the two recognised governing bodies that issue tree surgery qualifications. Any reputable and genuine tree surgeon in West Sussex will possess, as a minimum, the following NPTC certificates or LANTRA equivalents:

  • Maintenance and operation of a chainsaw (CS30.1)
  • On-site preparation and basic crosscutting (CS30.2)
  • Fell and process small trees – diameter 200mm – 380mm (CS31)
  • Climbing a tree and performing aerial rescue (CS38) 
  • Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness (CS39)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work with a current and valid certificate (EFAW)

Additional qualifications will suggest they can complete other tasks safely or show they have gone through training at a higher level with a greater understanding of the task in question. 

Legitimate tree surgery companies invest substantial amounts of money on training and equipment for their staff, so they are generally more expensive than the “have a go” gardeners and rogue traders you want to avoid. 

Responsible contractors also carry out regular checks and examinations on equipment, ropes and safety gear. These scheduled checks, such as LOLER or PUWER, are recorded and ordered by time and date. 

More advanced qualifications, including diplomas in arboriculture, give them a more holistic understanding of tree work for various situations that may occur. Qualifications in arboriculture reinforce the importance of carrying our tree work to British Standards 3998 (BS3998) and give them the knowledge to consider the impact their operations may have in the future.

How much insurance coverage should a professional tree surgeon in Crawley, West Sussex, have?

As mentioned previously, tree surgery is a perilous trade. As such, we suggest any tree surgeon you hire has at least £10 million public and £10 million employers liability insurance. It is imperative to mention that if you employ a tree contractor without adequate insurance in place, you will be liable for any damage or harm they may cause. Be sure to get proof of insurance in the form of an in-date insurance certificate; you may also wish to call the insurance company to check its authenticity. You can find Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s insurance documents here.

How do I find a Professional and Reputable Tree Surgeon in Crawley, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire?

Lucky for consumers, with the internet and search engines, finding and researching potential contractors is easier than ever. Any genuine tree company should have a strong online presence consisting of a website, social media accounts, google business listing and listings on other accredited directories, professional organisations and awarding bodies such as Rated People, Which? Trusted Traders, Buy With Confidence, CHAS and the Arb Association. Take time to research any potential contractor and look at their online presence as a whole; here are some things to consider while researching a company:

  • Does their website look professional?
  • Does the content on their website read well?
  • Do they have up-to-date and genuine photos of their work?
  • Have they updated their social media accounts, and do they have a good following?
  • Are they signed up to just a few platforms with a handful of reviews, or are they members of many with numerous reviews?
  • Are the majority of reviews online good or bad, and do they seem genuine?

In addition to checking online, you may ask for offline references so you can speak to former clients on the phone or in person. Any professional tree contractor will happily oblige with such a request and be proud to showcase their work.

Getting Tree Surgeon Quotes

Once you’ve done some research and shortlisted potential tree contractors, it’s time to start arranging quotations. Most companies, such as Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, will offer free site visits, consultations and quotations. Site visits and consultations are a great opportunity to discuss your options and the perfect time to get to know the contractor and assess their authenticity. We suggest getting at least two quotations so you can compare the work suggested, the working processes, and, of course, the costs involved.

Should the contractor supply me with a Formal Written Quotation?

Any reputable and genuine tree company will have no problem providing you with a formal written quotation. Failure to provide a written quotation with the company’s registered address should be a red flag, and you must seriously consider the contractor’s authenticity. 

In addition to the tree contractors’ address (which you should check via the use of a search engine, e.g. Google), the formal written quote should have the following:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details (Phone Number/Email Address)
  • VAT Number (If Applicable)
  • Registered Company Number (If Applicable)
  • Itemised Description Of The Work To Be Carried Out, including if Green Waste Removal Is Included In The Price. (One trick rogue tree surgeons may use is to agree on a price to do the work but then seek additional money to remove the green waste from your property. 
  • A Total Price/Cost

Further things you should look out for in formal written quotations include:

**By accepting the quotation, you agree to the Payment terms and terms and conditions defined by the contractor. Ensure you’ve fully read and understand the terms before accepting any quotation; they are legally binding.

Trees with Preservation Orders

A tree with a TPO (tree preservation order) is a tree that will require permission granted from the council before any work commences. 

You are not allowed to alter the tree in any way except dead wooding and ivy severing. This means no tree cutting or tree pruning whatsoever!!

You can easily check your tree’s status via your local council website, although if you are unsure, it’s always best to contact them to avoid future issues. The appointed council tree officer will confirm the status of your tree and advise on your next steps. If the tree has a TPO, you will be required to apply for the specific work you wish to be completed, and this is where it may become a little more tricky. Application specifics will determine whether or not your application is granted or denied, and for the average member of the public, using the correct language may prove difficult. 

More often than not, if you are employing a tree surgery company, they will deal with the application process on your behalf. They should have no problem obtaining the correct permission for suitable works if they are well-versed in the application process.

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd has vast experience applying for TPO’d trees and has obtained permission to work on countless trees in Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. As a result of our high number of applications, we have built strong relationships with several Councils, Tree Officers and Local Planning authorities, meaning we have a better understanding of what type of work will be deemed acceptable.

We must stress the importance of getting permission before beginning any work; failure to do so may lead to prosecution and hefty fines for both yourself and the contractor involved.


What if I live in a Conservation Area?

Like having a tree with a TPO (tree preservation order), if you live within a conservation area, you must apply for any work you wish to have completed on all trees, except those with a diameter less than 7.5cm measured 1.5m from the ground level. You can check to see if you live in a conservation area by looking at your local council or planning authority website. Again, failure to obtain permission for tree work within a conservation area may lead to prosecution and substantial fines for both you and the tree company you employ. 


Although there may seem to be a million things to consider when choosing a tree surgeon, it’s well worth doing some research to reduce the risk of picking a bad one. An unqualified or unprofessional contractor has the potential to cause huge amounts of physical and financial damage, not to mention stress, conflict, and the heartache of losing a cherished tree. 

If you’re looking to have British standard quality tree surgery carried out by a friendly, qualified and insured team of tree professionals, contact Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd today. 

Oak Processionary Moth

Targeting mainly oak species, including English, Turkey and Sessile, the Oak Processionary Moth (OPM/Thaumetopoea processionea) has become a significant pest in the UK and Europe. 

The moth is native to and originated from central and southern Europe but has spread to almost every European country and part of the middle east. While they live and feed almost exclusively on oaks species, they are also known to feed on Beech, Birch, Hazel, Hornbeam & Sweet Chesnut. 

The name Oak Processionary Moth comes from their preferred taste in oak trees and the behaviour of the larvae, which march formally, top to tail, in a long-lined procession. The OPM larvae or caterpillars are easy to identify, with distinctive black stripes and long white hairs. They can strip a tree naked, leaving it in a weakened state, making it more vulnerable to other pests, fungi, diseases or environmental conditions such as droughts. 

Furthermore, this pest does not stop at compromising the health of our trees; humans and pets and wildlife need to be careful too. To humans, they may seem attractive to touch, but don’t let their cute exterior fool you; those hairs are toxic and could leave you or your loved ones feeling quite unwell. 

The hairs are the caterpillars’ natural defence system against predation. Still, unfortunately, the toxins will affect anyone or anything that touches them or their nest, causing rashes, itchy skin, and occasionally, eye issues, a sore throat and breathing complications. The hairs are more prevalent on the older caterpillars meaning there is a higher risk of exposure during May and June.

For more detailed information about OPM and precautions you should take, you should visit the forestry commission website. Still, for your convenience, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have put together this condensed guide with the most important OPM information.

The DO’s and DONT’S


  • Approach or touch the OPM caterpillars or OPM nests.
  • Allow children to get near or touch the OPM caterpillars or OPM nests.
  • Let pets or livestock get close to or touch the OPM nests or caterpillars. 
  • Try to remove the OPM nests or caterpillars yourself.


  • Educate children to identify oak processionary moth caterpillars and teach them not to touch or approach the nests or caterpillars.
  • Visit a pharmacist for relief from eye or skin irritations after suspected contact with OPM caterpillars or nests.
  • Contact NHS 111 or a doctor if you think you or someone else has a severe allergic reaction to contact with OPM nests or caterpillars.
  • Contact a vet if your pet or livestock has come into contact with an OPM nest or caterpillars.
  • Call an OPM removal expert to remove oak processionary moth infestations from trees that you own.
  • Contact the owner of the OPM-infested tree and the forestry commission. For England, Scotland or Wales, please report it to TreeAlert, and for Northern Ireland, report suspected sightings using the TreeCheck reporting tool.

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have the experience, know-how, and training to tackle OPM infestations of any size or severity. If you suspect or have an oak processionary moth infestation, contact us today, and we’ll quickly identify if it’s OPM and deal with the infestation, making it safe for everyone concerned. 

How to identify Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars

  • Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars have dark heads and a grey body
  • Older OPM caterpillars have a dark stripe central line with lighter lines down both sides.
  • They have long, white hairs, which contrast notably with the much shorter, virtually undetectable, irritating, toxic hairs.
  • You will find them almost exclusively on or transitioning between oak trees. 
  • They will only resort to living and feeding other broad-leaved tree species such as Beech, Birch, Hazel, Hornbeam & Sweet Chesnut if the area lacks oak trees.  
  • They tend to move about in late spring/early summer, forming nose-to-tail processions from which they acquired their name. 
  • The processions are commonly arrow-headed in shape, with a singular leader and rows of several caterpillars following behind.
  • They like to cluster together while feeding and moving from place to place.
  • You will rarely find them on walls, fences or similar garden structures; if you find similar-looking caterpillars in these places, they will tend to be a different species.
  • You will only see OPM caterpillars in mid-to-late spring and early summer.

How to identify Oak Processionary Moth Nests

  • OPM nests are made of very distinctive, white silk webbing with white silken trails on the branches and trunks of oak trees.
  • They quickly become discoloured and, therefore, more difficult to see.
  • You will find them on the trunks and branches of oak trees but rarely amongst the foliage.
  • Several nests can occupy the same tree and branch.
  • They can be situated anywhere from ground level to the tree’s highest branch. 
  • Nests can range in size from a few centimetres to several feet across.
  • The oak processionary moth nests appear in early summer.
  • The nests come in various shapes, including teardrop, hemispherical, hammock-like or like a bandage wrapped around part of a branch or stem.
  • They can fall from the tree or, in contrast, remain attached for many months after the adult moths have emerged.
  • You will seldom find them on walls, fences or similar garden structures; if you find similar-looking nests in these places, they will tend to be a nest from a different species.



Oliver Foreman was excellent. He arrived on time every day, was polite and responsive to questions and requests for extra work while on site. He and the men who worked for him cleared away completely before leaving each day. Most importantly, the quality of the tree felling, hedge cutting,  general shrub and stump removal was first class. I cannot recommend Foremans Tree Specialists more highly.

Review from Katherine, GU27

Oliver and his team turned up on time worked hard all day in a small garden taking two 30ft conifers down. Clean tidy and very efficient highly recommend them.

Review from Robin, GU47

Excellent prompt response to my enquiry. Arrived to assess work at the exactly promised time, submitted quote within 24 hours. Work done on mutually agreed date and to our complete satisfaction. Would certainly use Oliver’s services again and can fully recommend them.

Review from Marilyn, GU24

Oliver and his colleague did an outstanding job on the silver birch in my back garden, it now has a good shape to it and now lets a lot more sunlight onto my lawn, which is just what I needed. They also removed the ivy which was slowly choking the tree.

Review from Richard, GU9

Did a fantastic job on my damson tree. Left it with a beautiful round shape and cut back some larger branches in a way that will ensure it will grow back into a lovely shape. Left garden clean and tidy. Nice guys. Will be using again.

Review from Donna, GU14

Super friendly and competent tree surgeon. I Will definitely use him again in future…he even left the garden tidier than when he arrived!

Review from David GU2

We got 3 quotes which were all very similar. We are very pleased with our choice. Most impressed with the work ethic, it was a big job with some very large trees to remove which took 3 days to complete. They were completely undeterred by the torrential rain on the second day, managed to Keep working and the job was finished on time. We will be using them again.

Review from Martin, GU47

Oliver and his team did an excellent job of felling a large leylandii tree from my garden. His price was very competitive, he was quick to answer questions by email, and turned up to do the job promptly. The tree was taken down in sections over two days, all the waste material was removed and the guys did a thorough job of cleaning the site afterwards. Highly recommended.

Review from Robert, TW12, Your Content Goes Here

Really nice guy, would definitely recommend and use again.

Review from Charlie, GU7

Oliver made an excellent job of cutting our tree. He was very knowledgeable and I was very confident he knew what he was doing. I cannot wait to see how the tree responds to this trim in the spring! There were a lot of cuttings to dispose of and he even “hoovered” the lawn afterwards! A very tidy job well priced, and would definitely use him again.

Review from Alison, GU2

Excellent job, very knowledgeable, skilful and helpful. Was prepared to wait for the right season to work, according to the trees we were dealing with. Punctual, tidy & efficient. Would have no hesitation in asking them back for further work and have already recommended to neighbours! Thanks :)

Review from Lesley TW14

All you need, quotes an acceptable price, turns up on time, does a great job and clears up both my garden and my neighbours. Many thanks for a job well done. Will certainly retain your number.

Review from Alex, GU15

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