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If you’re searching the internet for skilled, insured and local tree surgeons in Chichester, West Sussex, then you need to look no further. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are delighted to provide qualified tree surgery in Chichester, East Lavant, Funtington, Goodwood, Hambrook, Hunston, Merston, Oving, Runcton, Tangmere, Westhampnett, West Ashling, Westergate, MidhurstCrawleyChichesterHorsham, West Sussex, Surrey, and throughout the South East of England.

A tree surgeon wood chipper and compact loader on a project in Chichester

We offer a broad range of expert tree surgery services, helping numerous content clients complete a comprehensive range of small and large arboricultural tasks and projects across the region. From tree felling to hedge trimming, and stump grinding to tree planting, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s team has the knowledge, tree surgeon tools and training to complete the job quickly and efficiently, working within time constraints and agreed budgets. 

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s arborists boast extensive knowledge in arboriculture and have undergone either NPTC  or LANTRA training. They also have a real passion for ecology, conservation and the environment as a whole. Our staff members care about preserving trees, and with that in mind, always try to balance your goals with what’s best for your tree’s long-term health. 

As conscientious tree surgeons, we recognise the associations and risks of inferior pruning methods and second-rate tree surgery. Our deep knowledge of arboriculture encourages our staff to work to the highest standard, and we carry out all tasks using British Standard guidelines for tree work BS3998:2010.

Tree work is dangerous, so we take every precaution to protect our staff, public, and property. Besides having £10 employers and £10 public liability insurance, our team also follows strict health and safety protocols, utilising the latest tree surgery practices and equipment.

It’s a possibility you may not be aware that individual trees may be protected by TPOs (tree preservation orders) or located in a conservation area covered by a blanket TPO for the site. If this is the case, applying to the council or local planning authority is crucial before any work begins. Failure to obtain permission may result in you and the tree contractor facing substantial fines and criminal prosecution. Changes to the law mean the penalty charge amount is unlimited, so you must think long and hard before carrying out unapproved tree work. 

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd check all trees’ status at the point of quotation, and if you instruct us to complete the work, we can even make the application on your behalf. Our team has vast experience in the application process and an excellent history of getting applications approved. We also offer to submit TPO applications as a standalone service if you wish to use another contractor.



Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are a professional team of skilful arborists and tree surgeons who frequently work in the Chichester area. We provide an assorted variety of tree surgeon services purveying to any arboricultural requirement. Our workforce comprises fully trained, experienced climbers and grounds persons who can s tackle any tree-related task safely and efficiently. If you require tree surgery in Chichester, West Sussex, Surrey or across the South-East, contact Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd today, and we will gladly help in any way we can.  



A Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd tree surgeon felling a large eucalyptus tree in Chichester

Do you require tree felling and or tree removal in Chichester? Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s team has the knowledge, tools and training to fell trees of every shape and size in the most testing locations. The quickest and safest way to fell a tree, if space allows, is to “straight fell” it in its entirety. With that in mind, there is seldom space for straight felling in built-up areas, so most trees need to be climbed and dismantled in sections. Our professional arborists use a mixture of precision cuts and freefall techniques and recognised rigging and lowering systems to safely and efficiently dismantle the tree.



Any tree pruning service’s initial stage should be an in-depth assessment conducted by a qualified tree surgeon. Our NPTC or LANTRA-trained arborists will make necessary considerations for the trees’ size, shape, species, age and health before recommending any tree work or maintenance schedule. We complete every tree pruning task to the highest standard using the “BS3998” (British Standard guidelines for tree work). 

Just a handful of the tree pruning services we provide include:

  • Crown Reduction/s
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Cleaning/Cleansing
  • Crown Lifting/Lifts
  • Tree Pollarding (see below)
  • Limb/Branch Removal



Tree pollarding is a mighty tree pruning method that entails removing all the higher branches, leaving a simple framework. Pollarding is principally used to stifle growth and reduce the overall size of a tree. It may also encourage new growth and thicker foliage. You must be aware that pollarding is so severe that only healthy trees of certain ages and species should be pollarded. If you pollard an unhealthy tree of the wrong species, you risk making it unstable or killing it altogether. The most well-known tree species suitable for pollarding are London Plane, Sycamore, Ash, Willow, Horse Chesnut, Lime and Maple. When it comes to pollarding trees in Chichester, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are well-versed and experienced, with countless contented clients throughout the region. 



Removing a tree stump without adequate training or the correct equipment will prove extraordinarily challenging and, in some cases, potentially very hazardous. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd has various types of powerful stump grinders to remove tree stumps of any size in pretty much any location. Our skilled tree surgeons have undergone all the necessary training to operate these potentially hazardous machines safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of damage and disturbance to your day. Once our team has ground out the stump, we use the stump grindings to backfill the hole to make the area safe, tidy and ready for whatever you have planned for your reclaimed space.



If you find yourself emergency tree situation, the Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd team are here to save the day! From dangerous hanging branches in Horsham to a fallen tree in Chichester, our expert tree surgeons have the knowledge, training and skill to tackle the issue and make the location safe again. We have an emergency tree surgeon helpline that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you have a tree emergency, don’t delay, give us a call on 01403 333142and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.



If neglected and left to grow untamed, creeper and ivy can become costly and significant problem. They can destroy your property, including the render, brickwork, window frames and soffits, leaving you with a potential bill of hundreds or thousands of pounds. We recommend routine pruning to keep them under control, or, if needed, we can provide a complete ivy removal in Chichester, West Sussex and across the South-East. 



Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s expert planting services give your trees, hedges and plants the best chance of a great, flourishing and wholesome future. In addition to physically planting the specimens, we can help you select fitting species for your determined locations, source the best examples from our system of local nurseries, and provide valuable aftercare advice.



It can take many years of practice to hone expert hedge-trimming skills, and some more giant hedges may be beyond the capabilities of even the most proficient gardeners. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd’s equipped team of able hedge trimmers has years of involvement in trimming hedges of all shapes, species and sizes. We’ll share our extensive knowledge and offer the most suitable solutions to accomplish your coveted results. Our arborists and tree surgeons can precisely cut and shape hedges in any style, from basic hedge height reductions to elegant ornamental topiary and all things in between.



If you’re looking to have any tree surgery carried out on your trees, it’s of utmost importance to check to see if you’re in a conservation area or if a TPO protects them. If you or your contractor do any work on protected trees, you may face hefty unlimited fines and criminal prosecution. Foremans Tree Specialists always check the status of trees at the quotation stage, and if you choose us to complete the work, we’ll submit any required paperwork for free. We have an impressive track record of getting appropriate tree work approved owing to our in-depth knowledge of the arboricultural industry and British standard pruning practices.


Landscape Gardener Services

For Landscape Gardeners Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire and South East of England wide, we encourage you to contact our professional, fully insured team of landscapers at Surrey Landscape Gardeners.

This experienced and highly trained group of landscaping specialists have the skill to deliver an impressive range of services, including artificial grass installation, block paving, brickwork, concrete bases, concreting, decking, driveway landscaping, fencing, garden pond construction, garden steps, garden walls, patio laying, paths, tarmacking and turfing.

Contact Surrey Landscape Gardeners today to discuss your next project and arrange a free quotation.

Surrey Tree Surgeon Services

If you require local tree surgeons in Surrey, please get in touch with our Surrey-based subsidiary Guildford Tree Surgeons. You can reach them using their contact page or by calling 01483 910361.


Choosing a Qualified & Reliable Local Tree Surgeon, Chichester, West Sussex

Tree surgery is a dangerous business requiring skill, training and the correct equipment and machinery. Hundreds of tree companies are out there, and you must take the time to find the right one. Choose the wrong tree surgeon, and it may cost you time, money, or future problems due to uneducated operating practices. 

Avoiding Cowboy Tree Contractors And Rogue Tree Surgeons in Chichester

Rogue traders and cowboy contractors have historically been and continue to be a severe problem in West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and the UK. With the pandemic increasing demand for tree surgeons yet the current economic climate reducing many clients’ budgets, the number of rogue tree surgeons and fraudulent companies has skyrocketed. 

With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to stay diligent, or you may find yourself a victim of shoddy tree work or fraud, leaving you with incomplete work, damage to your property or financially ripped off.

As we’ve mentioned before, tree surgery is a specialist trade and, as such, requires professional training to be carried out safely. Hire an unqualified individual without the correct insurance, and they could leave you with the bill for property damage, injury to persons, and, not forgetting, a whole lot of stress. 

As of late, there has been an enormous spike in the number of tree-related horror stories, from the elderly and vulnerable getting overcharged to unqualified individuals felling trees through houses; these kinds of incidents all shine a terrible light on the industry. So, with that said, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd has taken it upon ourselves to write this handy article so you know the warning signs to look out for and avoid getting conned.

Things to avoid and red flags to look out for when choosing a Tree Surgeon, Chichester West Sussex 

Paying Cash Up Front

When it comes to tree work, you should never pay any cash upfront, either in part or in full, and you should only make payment once the job is complete. 

Doorstep Cold Callers/Hawkers

Any upstanding tree contractor would never knock on doors looking (hawking) for work, and you should avoid agreeing to any work if they approach you in this manner.

Paper Advertising and Leaflets

Flyers and Leaflets through your letterbox are a favourite form of advertising for cowboy traders. Things to look out for include:

  • Poor use of grammar and language
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Lack of an address 
  • No landline number (mobile only)
  • Poor/Cheap paper and print quality
  • Generic images/images of persons with no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Jack Of All Trades

It’s common for rogue traders to offer a wide range of services without being exceptionally skilled or trained in any. You may encounter contractors claiming to be professionals in driveways, fencing, gardening, landscaping, jet washing and tree surgery. In reality, it takes years to master individual trades, and claims of this nature are usually false or overstated.

Lack Of Equipment

Safe and efficient tree surgery requires a large amount of expensive and specialist equipment. Professional tree surgeons invest heavily in their equipment, and you should avoid contractors who fail to have the following:

  • Truck with a tipping arb body
  • Commercial Wood Chipper
  • Professional Chainsaws (Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo)
  • Climbing Ropes and Harness
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Helmet, Chainsaw Trousers and Ear defenders)

Lopping and Topping

“Lopping and Topping” is a phrase many rogue tree surgeons have adopted. An educated tree surgeon would never use the word lopping, and topping trees is a terrible practice and a poor pruning technique. Any tree contractor utilising this type of language indicates a lack of knowledge and is unlikely to carry out work to the British Standard BS3998.

Percentage discounts for the elderly – “20% discount for OAPs!”

A promise of a discount is a common and widespread tactic used by rogue traders to target the vulnerable. A deal is implied but rarely given, and the work’s cost usually works out more expensive. 

No Contact Address

Legitimate tree companies will have a registered business address. Never accept a quotation from any business without a fixed address, as you will find it difficult to contact them should anything go wrong. 

Mobile Only Numbers

Tree contractors that only display a mobile number can be tough to track down. Anyone can use cash to buy a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, which is easy to dispose of and impossible to trace. We suggest insisting they give you a landline number linked to their business address.

If They Are Reluctant Or Unable To Provide Proof Of Insurance

Any genuine tree surgeon in Chichester should provide you with proof of their insurance and cover details. We recommend at least £10 million for employers and £10 million for public liability cover for domestic/residential tree work, especially for commercial operations or if the work is near a road. Ask the company how much coverage they have and ask for copies of insurance certificates if in doubt. All legitimate tree surgeons will be able to email a copy over, with most displaying proof on their website. Companies such as Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Traders check for up-to-date insurance, which is required for all members.

If They Are Unable Or Reluctant To Provide Proof Of Their Qualifications

Tree surgeons and arborists require many certificates to validate their insurance and complete tasks safely. If not on their website, you should always ask tree contractors to provide evidence or proof of their staff’s qualifications before beginning work. The two awarding/qualification bodies recognised within the arb industry are NPTC and LANTRA.

They Fail To Mention Checking For Permissions

Your tree/s could be subject to a TPO (Tree Preservation Order), or you may be living within a conservation area, meaning you must seek local authorities’ permission before any work commences. Legitimate tree surgeons will always check your trees’ status, most of which will do the checks before they come to provide you with a quotation.

If They Are Unable To Answer Your Questions

Arboriculture and tree surgery may be alien to you, so if you’re unsure about anything at all, it’s vitally important to ask any questions you may have. Asking questions serves to inform you about the process and is also an excellent opportunity to test the contractor’s knowledge. Any self-respecting tree surgeon should be proud to showcase their expertise and will willingly suggest suitable options based on your requirements. Never be afraid to ask questions!! If the contractor is hesitant or unable to answer your concerns, this can be a warning they may not be as professional or genuine as they claim. 

They Fail To Provide You With A Formal Written Quotation

All genuine tree surgery contractors and companies, in general, will provide you with a formal written quotation detailing the job specification and the associated price to be charged. Once a quote has been accepted, preferably in writing, the contractor and client will be bound legally by those terms. Written contracts are a priceless tool in any agreement, as they eliminate any misunderstandings and protect both parties.


Why You Should Never Select A Tree Surgery Contractor Based On Cost Alone

Due to the high risks involved and the specialist equipment/training required, a professional tree surgery company’s running costs are very high. Just a few examples of things a reputable tree surgery company must pay for include:

  • Public and Employers’ liability insurance
  • Wages and ongoing training for staff 
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Vehicles, tree surgeon tools and machinery 
  • Maintenance and servicing of vehicles, tools and machinery to ensure they’re safe and reliable
  • Fuel and Consumables such as oil, chainsaw chains etc

Disingenuous tree surgeons will not have anywhere near as many operating costs as a legitimate tree company, so if you receive an unusually cheap quote, this should automatically raise your suspicions. Underpriced jobs are also usually rushed, or the contractor will cut corners to complete the job quickly, so if you think the offer is too good to be true, then it probably is. 

In comparison choosing the most expensive tree surgeon doesn’t always guarantee a better service or work quality. Before agreeing to any work, we suggest getting at least three quotations for comparison to help ensure you’re not over or undercharged.

For a free, no-obligation site visit and formal written quotation from a fully insured, qualified and reputable tree company, contact Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd today, and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

The Benefits Of Hedge Trimming 

While Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd mainly deals with trees, we are also highly skilled in maintaining and caring for hedges. Hedges can be a real asset to your property, but you must look after them properly and trim them regularly to reap the numerous benefits associated with their presence.

The benefits of hedge trimming include the following:

Manages Overgrowth

If you fail to trim your hedges regularly, they can quickly overgrow and encroach on your precious outdoor space. The most common species used for hedging, such as leylandii cypress, are extremely fast-growing, and it won’t take long before they’ve taken over your garden, blocked out sunlight and look a real mess.

The longer you leave your hedges untrimmed, the more out of control they will become, the uglier they will look, and the bigger the job will be. Leaving your hedges untrimmed will ultimately lead to higher costs and an inferior aesthetic result.

Promotes Health

Although this may seem counterintuitive, regular trimming is integral to keeping your hedges healthy. Frequent hedge cutting stimulates and encourages new growth, which keeps the hedge strong and healthy. But a word of caution, don’t trim your hedge back too much, or it may never grow back again.

Improves privacy

Routine hedge trimming not only stimulates growth but also promotes thicker foliage density. A dense hedge will provide a much greater level of privacy, meaning you and your neighbours won’t have to overlook each other.

Increases The Value Of Your Property

If you are ever looking to sell your property, a well-manicured hedge will most certainly add value to your home. First impressions count for a lot, and a poorly maintained hedge may put off a large proportion of potential buyers. It will be hard for new buyers to look past an overgrown hedge, and if they aren’t put off completely, you may have to reduce the price of your property to allow for the cost of the work.

At Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, we always suggest routine hedge cutting and maintenance, as it can prevent many future problems and headaches. Our skilled team of tree surgeons and arborists have the skill, knowledge and equipment to tack any sized hedge, from small topiary shrubs to large perimeter hedgerows, so contact us today, and we’ll quickly tend to your hedging needs. For more information on our professional hedge-trimming service, please visit our dedicated garden maintenance and hedge-cutting page.

Hedge removal

If your hedges are diseased, dying or completely out of control, it may be best to remove and replace them. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have all the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge to remove your hedge and grind the stumps and source, supply, and plant replacement specimens.



Oliver Foreman was excellent. He arrived on time every day, was polite and responsive to questions and requests for extra work while on site. He and the men who worked for him cleared away completely before leaving each day. Most importantly, the quality of the tree felling, hedge cutting,  general shrub and stump removal was first class. I cannot recommend Foremans Tree Specialists more highly.

Review from Katherine, GU27

Oliver and his team turned up on time worked hard all day in a small garden taking two 30ft conifers down. Clean tidy and very efficient highly recommend them.

Review from Robin, GU47

Excellent prompt response to my enquiry. Arrived to assess work at the exactly promised time, submitted quote within 24 hours. Work done on mutually agreed date and to our complete satisfaction. Would certainly use Oliver’s services again and can fully recommend them.

Review from Marilyn, GU24

Oliver and his colleague did an outstanding job on the silver birch in my back garden, it now has a good shape to it and now lets a lot more sunlight onto my lawn, which is just what I needed. They also removed the ivy which was slowly choking the tree.

Review from Richard, GU9

Did a fantastic job on my damson tree. Left it with a beautiful round shape and cut back some larger branches in a way that will ensure it will grow back into a lovely shape. Left garden clean and tidy. Nice guys. Will be using again.

Review from Donna, GU14

Super friendly and competent tree surgeon. I Will definitely use him again in future…he even left the garden tidier than when he arrived!

Review from David GU2

We got 3 quotes which were all very similar. We are very pleased with our choice. Most impressed with the work ethic, it was a big job with some very large trees to remove which took 3 days to complete. They were completely undeterred by the torrential rain on the second day, managed to Keep working and the job was finished on time. We will be using them again.

Review from Martin, GU47

Oliver and his team did an excellent job of felling a large leylandii tree from my garden. His price was very competitive, he was quick to answer questions by email, and turned up to do the job promptly. The tree was taken down in sections over two days, all the waste material was removed and the guys did a thorough job of cleaning the site afterwards. Highly recommended.

Review from Robert, TW12, Your Content Goes Here

Really nice guy, would definitely recommend and use again.

Review from Charlie, GU7

Oliver made an excellent job of cutting our tree. He was very knowledgeable and I was very confident he knew what he was doing. I cannot wait to see how the tree responds to this trim in the spring! There were a lot of cuttings to dispose of and he even “hoovered” the lawn afterwards! A very tidy job well priced, and would definitely use him again.

Review from Alison, GU2

Excellent job, very knowledgeable, skilful and helpful. Was prepared to wait for the right season to work, according to the trees we were dealing with. Punctual, tidy & efficient. Would have no hesitation in asking them back for further work and have already recommended to neighbours! Thanks :)

Review from Lesley TW14

All you need, quotes an acceptable price, turns up on time, does a great job and clears up both my garden and my neighbours. Many thanks for a job well done. Will certainly retain your number.

Review from Alex, GU15

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