Generally speaking, an “arborist” is just another term for a “tree surgeon”. However, there has been some debate within the industry that we should only credit the phrase “arborist” to those who hold higher level qualifications in arboriculture. Many of us see the term “arborist” as a way of describing a tree surgeon who takes into consideration the long term impact the work they are carrying out may have on the tree, its surroundings and the environment as a whole. Whatever your view, anyone claiming to be an arborist or professional tree surgeon is someone who should have all the qualifications, experience, knowledge and most importantly insurance to carry out whatever tree surgery service they are undertaking. It’s of vital importance you do your due diligence and check for evidence of any claims the contractor may make. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are Arborists and professional tree surgeons through and through; you can see proof of our insurance here, and certificates for our qualifications are available upon request.