The first step should be to have a friendly discussion with your neighbour; at this point, you can hopefully agree on a suitable plan of action that will satisfy both parties wants and needs. Once you have identified your individual requirements, you can always call us in, and we may be able to offer up other options to please both parties. From a legal standpoint, if your neighbour’s tree is causing a problem due to direct encroachment, then you are within your rights to prune any branches that may be hovering directly over your property. Please bear in mind; if your pruning results in the trees death or its destabilisation, you may be liable for replacing the tree or for the damage it may have caused. It’s also important to remember that TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders) protect individual trees from pruning and tree work; this is regardless of the space they span over. We would strongly recommend you check the tree’s status before carrying out any work. If you require any help or advice with your current tree situation, our Sussex tree surgeons are here to assist.