If you're searching the web for fully insured, expertly trained and local tree surgeons in Midhurst, West Sussex, then you're in luck. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are happy to offer our superior tree surgeon services in Midhurst, Petworth, West Lavington, Easebourne, South Ambersham, Woolbeding, Stedham, Minsted, Ingrams Green, ChichesterHorshamWest Sussex, Surrey, and throughout the South East of England.


Midhurst is a market town situated in West Sussex, England. It rests on the River Rother 32 kilometres (20 miles) from the English Channel and 19 kilometres (12 miles) north of Chichester. The name Midhurst means "Middle wooded hill" or "place amongst the wooded hills", which makes perfect sense as you will find it right in the centre of the South Downs National Park. Midhurst derives its name from two Old English words, Midd/mid, which means "in the middle", and Hyrst, which meant "a wooded hill".


Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd can provide an extensive range of qualified tree surgery services and have helped countless customers complete many arboricultural jobs and projects across the region. From tree removals to tree planting, hedge trimming to stump grinding, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd's friendly staff has the skill, tree surgeon equipment, and experience to complete the work quickly and efficiently, working to agreed time constraints and budgets. 


Our arborists have a thorough knowledge of arboriculture owing to their  NPTC  or LANTRA training partnered with years of experience within the industry. All the Foremans Tree Specialists team members also possess a real passion for preservation, conservation, and the environment. We always try to balance the requirements of your project with the health of the trees and their surroundings.


As principled tree surgeons, we are well aware of the associated risks of substandard pruning practices and inferior tree surgery. With that in mind, we encourage our staff to work to the highest standard and carry out all duties using BS3998:2010 British Standard guidelines for tree work.


Tree surgery operations are inherently dangerous, so we place every precaution to safeguard our staff, the public, and their property. In addition to our £10 employers and £10 public liability insurance, the Foremans Tree Specialists crew also follow stringent health and safety protocols, employing the latest tree surgery equipment and working practices.


We've also developed an outstanding local reputation for being trustworthy, friendly and completely transparent. But what's best is you don't have to take our word for it; we have over 200 excellent reviews on Checkatrade, with a 5-star rating on Rated People and Google My Business


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Furthermore, we're CHASSurrey Trading Standards and ISO9001 & ISO14001 approved contractors.


You may not be aware that specific trees may be preserved by TPO's (tree preservation orders), located in conservation areas, covered by a blanket location-based TPO. If a tree is protected, it's imperative to apply to the local planning authority or council before any work commences. If you fail to obtain permission, you and the contractor may encounter hefty fines and criminal prosecution. There have been recent changes to the law, so the fine amount is unlimited, meaning you should think very carefully before commencing any unapproved tree work. 


At Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, we check all trees' status at the quotation stage, and if you instruct us to carry out the work, we can even make the application for you. Our staff are very familiar with the application process and have an impressive track record of getting applications approved. Please note: If you wish to use another contractor, we can also submit TPO applications as a chargeable standalone service.



Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are a friendly team of professional arborists and tree surgeons who regularly operate in the Midhurst area. We accommodate a varied mix of tree surgery services serving any arboreal requirement. Our crews comprise fully qualified, seasoned climbers and grounds staff who can undertake all tree-related tasks carefully and efficiently. So if you require tree surgery in Midhurst, West Sussex, Surrey or across the South-East, contact Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd today.



Do you want tree felling and or tree removal in Midhurst? Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd's crew has the expertise, training and equipment to fell trees of every size, shape and condition in the most challenging locations. The swiftest and safest way to fell a tree is to "straight fell" it as a whole. That said, there is scarcely space for straight felling in developed areas, so most trees will require climbing and dismantling in segments. Our skilled arborists will combine precision cuts with freefall techniques and recognised lowering systems to efficiently and safely dismantle the tree.



The initial stage of any tree pruning project should entail an in-depth evaluation conducted by a qualified arborist or tree surgeon. Our NPTC or LANTRA certified arborists would make essential considerations for the trees' species, size, shape, age, and condition before suggesting any tree work or maintenance program. We perform every tree pruning duty to the highest standard using the British Standard guidelines for tree work (BS3998). 

Tree pruning services we offer include: Crown Reduction/s, Crown Thinning, Crown Cleaning/Cleansing, Crown Lifting/Lifts, Individual Branch Reductions, Individual Branch Removal, Tree Pollarding (see below)



Tree pollarding is a heavy method of pruning that involves removing all the upper branches, leaving the basic framework. Pollarding is generally used to inhibit growth and decrease the size of a tree. It may also promote denser foliage and new growth. Please note that pollarding is so severe that only certain tree species in good health should be pollarded. If you pollard the wrong species, or if the tree is unhealthy, you risk killing it or making it unsafe. The most suitable tree species for pollarding are Ash, Sycamore, Willow, London Plane, Lime, Maple and Horse Chesnut. Foremans Tree Specialists have pollarding trees in Midhurst for many years and have the arboricultural knowledge required to advise if pollarding is suitable for your tree.



Removing a tree stump without the correct tools and training is not only very challenging but could also be very hazardous. We have several powerful stump grinders to remove tree stumps of all sizes in the most challenging locations. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd's stump grinding operators have all undergone the requisite training to use tree stump grinders both safely and efficiently, which will minimise the danger of damage or injury and interruption to your day. Once we have ground the stump out, we use the stump grindings to refill the hole, to making the area safe, tidy and ready for the next stage of your project.



If you've found yourself with a tree emergency, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd are here to help! From dangerous hanging branches to fallen trees against a building, our insured tree surgeons have the experience, training and equipment to tackle the problem and make the situation safe. Our emergency tree surgeon helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can rest assured, contact us on 01403 333142and we'll get to you as soon as possible.



If ignored and left to grow, climbers, creepers and ivy can become an expensive and notable obstacle. They can damage your home, including window frames, soffits, render and brickwork, leaving you with a hefty bill for hundreds to thousands of pounds. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd recommend regular pruning to keep ivy in control, or, if required, we offer total ivy removal in Midhurst, West Sussex and across the South-East. 



Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd's bespoke planting services provide your trees, plants and hedges with the greatest chance of having a healthy, bright and bountiful future. We can physically plant the trees for you, suggest suitable species for desired locations, help source superior specimens, and give priceless aftercare advice.



It takes many years of practice to acquire masterful hedge trimming skills, and larger hedges may prove out of reach for even the most accomplished gardeners. However, our well-equipped crew of highly professional hedge trimmers have many years of background in cutting hedges of all species, shapes and sizes. Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd will bestow our thorough understanding of the hedge trimming process and suggest the most fitting solutions to fulfil your project requirements. Our tree surgeons and arborists can accurately trim and fashion hedges in any style, from beautiful ornamental topiary to essential hedge height reductions and anything in between.



If you wish to have ANY tree surgery completed on your trees, you must check to see if a TPO protects them or you're in a conservation area. If you or someone you employ carry out any work on protected trees, you could risk substantial fines and criminal prosecution. At Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd, we always verify the status of trees when producing the quotation, and provided you choose us to perform the work, we can even submit the required paperwork on your behalf. Our staff have an admirable track record of getting suitable tree work approved, helping to fast-track the application process.