Commercial and Residential Tree Surgery in Horsham

Are you on the hunt for an insured, qualified and trusted local tree surgeon? Well look no further, Foremans Tree Specialists tick all of those boxes and much, much more.

There may be many Horsham tree surgeons to choose from. Still, Foremans Tree Specialists take pride in providing unmatched customer service driven tree surgeon services to commercial and domestic clients throughout Horsham and the surrounding areas, including East Grinstead, Crawley, Reigate and Dorking.

Our fully insured NPTC qualified arborists have been trained in the latest tree surgery techniques, have many years of experience in arboriculture and undertake a comprehensive selection of tree-related tasks on a day to day basis. From tree pruning to hedge trimming and stump grinding to tree removal, we have skill and equipment to tackle all jobs, large or small.

We always deliver the highest quality of work, following BS3998:2010 British Standard guidelines, and aim to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for every customer.

We're also Surrey Trading Standards approved and have a strong reputation online with countless reviews across Google Business, Checkatrade, Yell and Rated People to name just a few.

Tree Felling In Horsham and Horsham Tree Removal Service

Do you require a tree felling in Horsham or our total Horsham tree removal service? Every Foremans Tree Specialist makes use of the most up-to-date sectional and straight felling methods to remove unwanted trees both safely and with as little disruption as possible.

Tree Pruning and Crown Reductions in Horsham

Foremans Tree Specialists provide expert tree pruning and crown reduction services in Horsham to BS3998 specifications. Tree pruning is a delicate task and must be completed correctly to ensure the longevity of the tree.

Foremans Tree Specialists experienced tree surgeons have numerous pruning techniques in their repertoire to help you reach your desired tree surgery objective. You'll be please to know they are by no means exclusive, and we commonly use a combination of techniques to complement each other. For example; we often pair a crown reduction, with crown cleaning and a crown-raise.

It is a general industry rule to avoid, when pruning, removing over 30% of the crown. Removal of more than 30% may harm the health of the tree and could jeopardise its safety. Poor or over-pruning, e.g. topping, upsets the natural structure of the tree and often results in expedited re-growth. 

We will now identify and describe some standard pruning methods utilised by Foremans Tree Specialists and, also highlight some poor actions to evade.

Crown Reduction In Horsham

A crown reduction in Horsham requires reducing the crown volume while maintaining the fundamental shape for the species of tree. The essential criteria for a top-quality crown reduction are:

• Pruning cuts must continue a natural flowing branch-line.

• Make pruning cuts at natural growth points to reduce the amount of potential decay from the wound. will also minimise sprouting re-growth from dormant buds around the cut.

• The lateral branch retained should be one third the size of the removed branch; this should keep adequate foliage to sustain the energy requirements of the tree. Following this rule will ensure the surviving branch continues to grow at a consistent rate, meaning there will be little to no accelerated re-growth.

Tree Pollarding In Horsham

The procedure of tree pollarding in Horsham is the most rigorous tree pruning technique and should ideally be started when a tree is very young. The solution to a prosperous pollard is to remove any re-growth regularly, say every one, two or three years, depending on the tree species. Routine maintenance on a pollarded tree is critical as the re-growth will develop weak unions (forks/attachment points), which means if its left to grow, there will be an increased risk of failure.

Although many see tree pollarding as extreme, there can be many genuine benefits for choosing this method of pruning. Generally, pollarding is adopted to maintain the tree at a uniform size, but there are also many other benefits which we will identify below:

  • Reduction in the shade cast by the tree
  • Increases air circulation through the tree, therefore reducing the risk of a sail effect
  • Shapes the tree for aesthetics 
  • Can prevent the tree from damaging or contacting telephone lines, power lines or street furniture.

Crown Raising/Crown Lifting Horsham

Crown raising or crown lifting a tree in Horsham requires removing lower branches to a specified height, most commonly measured from the ground. We often use crown raising to let more light into a property/area or to permit vehicles/pedestrians to pass more freely underneath.

Crown Thinning In Horsham

The method of crown thinning in Horsham reduces the crown's density without diminishing its size overall. Crown thinning requires removing secondary growth to encourage a healthier, more consistent spread foliage. We principally only thin the crowns of broadleaved trees, as opposed to evergreens and the benefits of crown thinning include:

  • Improvement of aesthetics and structure
  • Reduced crown density and weight and this results in a reduction in wind resistance and potential sail effect
  • Increased light able to penetrate through the crown  

Deadwooding & Crown Cleaning Horsham

When cleaning a tree crown in Horsham, our dedicated tree surgeons meticulously remove any crossing, dead, dying, diseased or dangerous limbs and can also remove any epicormic growth, climbing plants, foreign objects. We dead wood and crown clean for both aesthetic and safety reasons. 

Poor Pruning Practice - "Topping in Horsham" 

Commonly mistaken for 'pollarding' or 'reductions', 'topping' is a harmful pruning technique that is damaging to the safety and health of the tree. Topping beyond growth points stimulates decay and in turn, disease while also creating a disturbance in the trees sensitive energy system.

If the trauma of topping a tree in Horsham doesn't kill it entirely, topping will cause it to produce excessive shoots or epicormic growth from the location of the cuts. These shoots will grow at a rapid rate to replace any lost foliage and they often quickly develop into branches that reach out beyond the distance of the first crown. The accelerated re-growth of branches negates the desired aim of reducing the crown span or size. Also, the poor pruning technique of topping will encourage pockets of decay that can deepen and leave the tree susceptible to disease.

Tree Pollarding in Horsham

Pollarding is the most extreme version of pruning and should only be used in certain circumstances and on specific species of tree. Our knowledgable arborists can assess your tree and advise you if pollarding is suitable or not.

Horsham Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stumps can not only be very unsightly but also pose and a real trip hazard. We provide a professional stump grinding service using high-tech and heavy-duty equipment which makes light work of the task while minimising damage to your lawn.

Emergency Tree Work in Horsham

The most common causes of tree failure are poor maintenance, storms and bad weather. They can bring down even the biggest of trees, damaging buildings or surrounding property and blocking vital access. If a fallen tree is causing you problems, don't fret, call Foremans Tree Specialist, and we'll make the situation safe and clear the tree ASAP. Our emergency tree response team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ivy Removal in Horsham

When well-maintained, ivy and creeper is an impressive feature to your home, but when left unmanaged it may damage your property. Woodwork, render, and brickwork can all be affected, and you may end up footing the bill to repair it. We provide expert ivy, creeper and climber removal and maintenance services for clients in Horsham and surrounding areas.

Hedge Trimming in Horsham

Are your hedges in need of a haircut? We're experienced and equipped to tackle any hedge big or small. Our expert tree surgeons can tidy, cut and re-shape them up to your exact requirements, whether you have hedgerows, box hedges or conifers contact us today, and we'll have your garden looking great again.

Tree Planting in Horsham

Are you thinking about planting a new tree in your garden or relocating an existing one? Foremans Tree Specialists have planted numerous trees on properties all around Horsham, and have vast knowledge in the best aftercare practices. We can source the best specimens, let you know the most appropriate planting locations, and even plant them on your behalf. Relocating an existing tree may also possible, but the roots must still be young and unestablished.

If you require any of the tree surgeon services mentioned above or you have any further questions, Contact Us today, and we'll be more than happy to assist.