Veteran Tree Management West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire Wide

You may not be aware that the United Kingdom contains Europe's most extensive collection of veteran trees. In addition to adding great aesthetic value today, these ancient trees can provide us with an insight into the landscapes of the past. Over the years, complex relationships develop between the trees, plants, animals and other organisms. We have a strong dedication to preserve and maintain these tree of historical value, employing proven veteran tree management techniques to help ensure they remain with us for years to come.

So what is a veteran tree? A veteran tree usually will have a number of the following characteristics, most of which help support the biodiversity of its surroundings:

  • Hollow trunks
  • Crown retrenchment
  • Deadwood in a large quantity
  • Crevices in the bark and water pools

As previously mentioned, a helping hand is often needed to ensure the longevity of these vital trees. We advise a specially structured management regime following a veteran tree survey. A survey usually involves recording the tree's location, categorising them in terms of their structural condition/ vitality and identifying the previous method of management.

Following the completion of the survey, we evaluate the data and devise a suitable plan of action. We will provide tailored management plans for trees on an individual basis, as the condition of veteran trees can vary even if they populate the same area. The plans will consist of various veteran tree management techniques, including pruning to mimic natural fractures e.g. coronet cuts and the management of surrounding vegetation.

Our goal is to do the least amount of tree surgery possible while ensuring the longevity of the tree. We want to avoid having a detrimental impact on any habitat and encourage biodiversity.

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd can offer a complete range of veteran tree management solutions, from the initial location mapping to the production of management plans and finally, plan implementation.

We provide our veteran tree management services in Crawley, HorshamChichester, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and across the South- East.

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