Tree Removal & Tree Felling West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire Wide


Foremans Tree Specialists are happy to provide our professional, insured tree felling and tree removal services across West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and throughout the South-East. 

We've helped numerous clients in Horsham, Billingshurst, Dorking, Liphook, Haslemere and Reigate to name but a few and have built an excellent reputation as reliable and honest local tree surgeons.

Needless to say, whether you're looking to fell and remove a tree for safety, practicality or purely aesthetic reasons, Foreman's Tree Specialists can undoubtedly facilitate your requirements.

Our team of NPTC qualified tree surgeons will begin by making a thorough safety assessment and identify the most appropriate way to remove the tree while minimising the risk of impacting the surrounding area. 

There are in essence two methods of felling a tree, the less common straight felling and the more common sectional felling (also known as dismantling). There are good and bad points to each method, and we will discuss these in greater detail below.


Directional Felling, Straight Tree Felling or Whole Tree Felling


With straight tree felling, a cut is made at the base and the entire tree allowed to fall in its entirety. We use a selection of industry approved tools and techniques to control the direction and landing position of the fell. 

Due to the premium of space in the UK, whole tree felling is generally only utilised for small to medium-sized trees. In built-up locations, Larger trees require too much space and the risk of damage is too high for them to be felled in one section. Where space is not an issue, straight tree felling is much safer and more time-efficient than sectional dismantlement.

Our skilled arborists have straight felled a considerable number of trees in a variety of locations across West Sussex, Surrey and the South. With that in mind, you can rest assured whether you have a small ornamental tree in your garden or an enormous oak on a development site, we can get it removed safely with minimum fuss.


Dismantling, Sectioning or Sectional Tree Felling 


The art of sectional felling requires the dismantling of a tree in sections; our arborists climb the tree and use a combination of roping and rigging methods to guide each part down to ground level.

We utilise this felling technique in urban or built-up areas, where buildings or property could be at the risk of damage. Dismantling takes significantly more time than straight felling, but if carried out correctly, it's by far the safer option. Experienced professionals must carry out this type of work due to the dangers involved with climbing and dismantling problematic trees.

Foremans Tree Specialists have a wealth of experience in sectional tree felling, and we've removed trees in even the most awkward locations across West Sussex, Surrey and the South East.

After a tree is straight felled or felled in sections, we always ensure we leave your garden as tidy as possible. We remove all arisings from the site and dispose of them in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. We often recycle logs for firewood and use woodchip for gardens, allotments, biomass or equestrian purposes. If you would like to keep any of the arisings, please discuss this with us during the consultation period.

In addition to removing your tree/s, we can also remove the tree stump/s using one of our hi-tech stump grinders. You can learn more about our stump grinding services by visiting our tree stump removal page here. 

With our yard based in Surrey and our office in West Sussex, we are perfectly situated to provide tree felling in Horsham, stump grinding in Dorking, tree removals in Petworth or any of the surrounding locations. 

Contact a member of the Foremans Tree Specialists team to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation partnered with a no-obligation quotation.