Stump Removal & Stump Grinding | West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire

Upon the successful removal of a tree, you will most certainly be left with a stump. That said, you only really have three suitable options, you can leave it to rot naturally over time, you can use ECO-PLUGS to prevent re-growth, or you can choose to have it removed immediately using a stump grinder. 

Most clients prefer the latter as they wish to reclaim any lost space through turfing, re-landscaping, suitable replanting, or even building. Alternatively, stumps can become unsightly, so they may want the stump removed for purely aesthetic reasons.

Stump grinders are amazingly efficient machines but if operated incorrectly can cause significant damage, injury or in the worst case death. All our stump grinding operators are fully insured for any eventuality and hold all the necessary qualifications to use these powerful machines safely. You will also be pleased to know, our Stump Grinding operatives have undergone CAT and genny (cable avoidance) training through CISTC, which helps us to avoid potential damage to underground cables, wires or services.

Owing to the combination of an expert team and our fleet of versatile stump grinders, CHAS approved, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd can remove pretty much any stumps in any location. We utilise a large tracked stump grinding machine for any larger stumps where access is ample. Where access is tight, we can always use one of our smaller grinders, such as the predator 360, which measures 26 inches in width and can fit through most doorways, side gates etc. For those rare occasions where even the 360 is too big, we can employ our handheld Alpine Magnum, the smallest of grinders, which can be carried through properties and used on steep inclines.

As per industry standard, we generally grind the tree stump buttress to a maximum depth of 300mm below ground level. If you require the stump to be ground deeper or have lateral roots that need grinding this must be discussed with us at the quotation stage and agreed to through a description on the written quote.

With our comprehensive stump grinding Sussex wide and beyond, you can rest assured the whole experience will be trouble-free from start to finish. We always prefer to conduct a site visit to assess the job in person, but can also provide accurate estimates using pictures, measurements and descriptions. Furthermore, we understand how busy life can be, and that's why always we try to be as flexible as possible, even carrying out stump removals without the client's presence. 

Over our years of trading, Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd have removed countless stumps across the southeast, often providing professional stump removal in Horsham, Crawley, Chichester and Petworth, but more generally throughout West Sussex, East, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

So if you have one, two or any number of stumps you need grinding safely and professionally with minimum disruption to your day, Contact Us at your earliest convenience and a member of the team will be happy to help. 

**Please note, not only is our service second to none, but we also offer some of the most competitive pricing around and can provide significant discounts for multiple stumps at the same location.

Other less effective and hazardous stump removal techniques include:

  • Digging out a stump: Unless you have the use of an excavator, digging a stump out is hugely labour intensive and if the stump is substantial and or deep-rooted may not be achievable. Digging the stump out will also cause a great deal of ground disturbance potentially damaging patios, driveways, walls, drains or utilities.
  • Burning out a stump: The burning out of a tree stump is seldom practical and rarely works, not to mention it can be dangerous to the surroundings and poses a risk to health and safety.
  • Chemical Stump Remover: Chemical stump remover is similar to ECO-PLUGSin that it will only prevent re-growth and may accelerate the decay process. In comparison to ECO-PLUGS, chemical stump remover can be hazardous to the environment, and you must be sure to keep all animals children and away from the treated area for some time. If the remover is ingested, it can cause severe illness or potentially death. ECO-PLUGS keep the chemicals contained within the stump so avoid contact or consumption.