Cat Rescue in West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire

Cats and particularly kittens are curious little creatures – they love scurrying up trees but often find it challenging to come back down. When cats can't get back down, they tend to panic and often end up climbing trees even higher!

Owing to the nature of our job as tree surgeons in West Sussex, we have completed countless cat rescues, returning the cute felines entirely unharmed for their respective owners.

Retrieving a cat from a height is something that requires a unique skill set, and we would strongly recommend NOT attempting this on your own. Using the appropriate equipment such as ropes and a harness, we can safely rescue your cat and return him/her into your arms.

Drone Recovery in West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire

As of late, the sales of drones have soared sky-high, especially with the number of drone enthusiasts increasing and costs coming down. Not only that, but businesses use them to take photos of properties for sales and insurance purposes, among other things.

While it may be alluring to save some time and money and climb up a tree yourself to retrieve that precious drone, doing so can be highly dangerous and even prove life-threatening in some cases. Trees are living organisms, after all, which means their surfaces can often be unpredictable. Branches may also be hiding fractures that can cause them the snap without warning.

Our arborists have the equipment, experience and skills to bring down stuck drones safely no matter how tall the tree maybe.

Foremans Tree Specialists Ltd provide Drone Recovery and Cat Rescue Horsham, Crawley, Chichester, West Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire wide, Contact us immediately and we'll get out to you as soon as we possibly can.